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Click here to enlarge imageThe Baby Feet Scroll is a presentation idea to help people understand the impact of abortion in their state.  For example, in Tennessee, there are 19,000 abortions performed on average every year.  The TN scroll has 19,000 little foot prints.  Since people can visualize small numbers easily, like 5 pennies or a dozen eggs but large numbers are more difficult, the scroll is a powerful visual aid.  The scroll can be used at banquets, churches, or any presentation situation and the response is always the same – people are astonished as the scroll wraps around sanctuaries and banquet halls.  The result of the scroll is that people understand the vastness of abortion and they feel moved to get involved. The typical scroll is 18 inches by 40 yards or 120 feet long.  It has 20,000 little foot prints on it and the scroll has a plastic backing so that it will not rip or tear.  That way, you can use it over and over again for banquets, church presentations or other group events.  If you would like to find out how to have a scroll made for your state and the cost, you are invited to contact Mark by using the contact button on the left or by phone at 931-237-1997.


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A standard scroll with 20,000 Baby Feet is $250 plus shipping or call 931-237-1997 for a quote for your state.

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The DVD contains moving ultrasound images of 8 week old twins, an 8 1/2 old baby, a 12 week old baby turning in the womb and a 12 week old baby that looks just like he's praying.  They are powerful as visual aids.  There is also a still picture of the 21 week old baby that held hands with the doctor during the risky operation which later was called the picture of the century.  There is also a 3D image of a 30 week old baby's face.  Each clip is between 20-30 seconds long.  There is also a 2 1/2 minute video with voice over concerning fetal development.  A second 3 ½ minute video uses the ultrasound images and is generic so any center can use it.  The DVD comes with a script for you to use when playing the clips. 

A moving image that looks just like the baby is praying! 

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To see a moving ultrasound image of a 12 week old baby that looks like he is praying - please click on the button below:   

     I use this 30 second image every time I speak at a church!

It not only gets people’s attention, but it speaks volumes about LIFE ! 

Use inserts to promote your ministry to the church at different times year round.  The majority of your funding and volunteers come from the church.  Therefore, make impressions that say your ministry is professional, top notch and worth investing in and supporting.  The best way to reach new donors and potential volunteers is to reach them within the church.  Click on the sample insert below for more information and the lowest prices anywhere!